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Who’s In Jail In Texas ?

Texas has 254 counties and 268 jail facilities with a combined rated capacity of 71,962. The TX Commission on Jail Standards inspects jails and enforces standards compliance.

The Texas Prison System

A 9-member Bd. Of Crim. Justice oversees the TX Dept. of Criminal Justice (TDCJ). As of August 31, 2010, the Correctional Institutions Division of TDCJ operated 51 state prison facilities, four pre-release facilities, three psychiatric facilities, one Mentally Retarded Offender Program (MROP) facility, two medical facilities, 14 transfer facilities, 15 state jail facilities, one geriatric facility and five substance abuse felony punishment facilities (SAFPF). At the end of FY 2010, 154,799 offenders were incarcerated in TDCJ facilities, including 139,328 prison offenders, 12,125 state jail offenders and 3,346 SAFPF offenders. CID employed 28,688 security staff at the end of the fiscal year. The budget for TDCJ for the FY 2012-13 biennium is $6.093 billion.

The Community Corrections System in Texas

122 Community Supervision & Corrections Departments (local, judicial agencies) supervised 426,331 probationers at yearend 2009. TDCJ’s Parole Division supervised 104,943 parolees.


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