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Oregon Jails And Prison Listings

Who’s In Jail In Oregon ?

There are 37 jail facilities in 36 counties in Oregon, and the state jail population was 6,549 in 2005. A jail inspection and standards program (voluntary compliance) is managed by the Dept. of Corrections.

The Oregon Prison System

The Dept. of Corrections managed 14,071 inmates in 14 state facilities in October, 2010. The agency has 4,379 employees and their budget for the FY 2009-2011 biennium was $817.34 million.

The Community Corrections System

Community supervision of felons is provided by county agencies in 34 counties under the Community Partnership Act administered by the Dept. of Corrections. In 2 counties not participating in the Act, the Dept. provides community supervision. There were 40,724 probationers and 22,394 post-prison offenders being supervised at year end 2009 in Oregon.


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