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Jails In North Carolina

Who’s In Jail In North Carolina

There are 100 counties and 106 jail facilities in NC. Their combined rated capacity is 17,634. North Carolina Jail inspections and standards compliance are enforced by the NC Dept. of Health & Human Resources and by the NC Dept. of Justice (training standards).

The North Carolina Prison System

The Dept. of Correction managed 40,979 inmates on July 22, 2011. The DOC operates 81 adult and juvenile facilities, contracts with 3 private facilities. The department’s FY 2010 budget was approximately $1.090 billion with 20,244 employees.

The Community Corrections System

The Dept. of Correction’s Div. of Community Corrections supervised 106,581 probationers and 3,544 parolees at the end of 2005. Agency field offices are alligned with the 43 judicial districts of the state.


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